Yadi Reddy’s Body Taken To Pedda Mangalaram

Seemandhra government has continued its shameless behavior while dealing with the dead body of Telangana Martyr Yadi Reddy. His body was hijacked as soon as it reached Shamshabad airport and sent to Pedda Mangalaram village amidst thousands of Paramilitary forces. Telangana activists had gathered in large numbers in and around Shamshabad Airport to take Yadi Reddy’s body as a procession to Gun Park. But police and paramilitary forces have forcibly taken away Yadi Reddy’s body. Even media personnel were not allowed to enter anywhere near the Shamshabad airport.

Thousands of mourners descended at Pedda Mangalaram and the situation was tense with youngsters chanting “Jai Telangana” and “Yadi Reddy Amar Rahe” slogans.

Telangana Praja Front leaders Gaddar, Ved Kumar, TRS leaders Jitendar Reddy, Shravan, Rebel TDP leader Nagam Janardhan Reddy and Social activist Ratnamala rushed to Pedda Mangalaram and paid homage to Yadi Reddy.

The last rites of the beloved son of the soil would be held tomorrow morning.

A truck brought to take Yadi Reddy’s body.

Scores of Rapid Action Force and Paramilitary trucks parked beside Yadi Reddy’s house.

Yadi Reddy’s body being kept in a tent beside his house

Here is a video of Martyr Yadi Reddy’s body being taken as a procession through his native village Pedda Mangalaram.

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