The Centre failed to curb spiraling prices of fuel.



The fuels – petrol and diesel continue skyrocketing and witnessed an increase of rupees six in the last nine days.

As feared by the people of the country that the fuel would see a rise soon after the elections in five states, they continue to see a rise unabated.

On Wednesday, the petrol saw an increase of 91 paise and diesel 87 paise. With this, the petrol per litre in Hyderabad now costs Rs 114.2 while diesel is costing Rs 100.71. This is the eighth time the prices went up in the last nine days. In total the petrol price saw an increase of Rs 6.32 and diesel Rs 6.09.

Fearing a debacle and dissent among people in five states, the BJP led government remained calm and now unleashing terror on common people burdening them beyond description.

The hike in fuel prices will have a spiraling effect on all essential commodities from milk, vegetables, oils, and other essential commodities.

Many people have lost their jobs due to the corona pandemic and their purchasing power had come down drastically. Their owes are beyond words.

The oil prices saw a phenomenal increase and so also other commodities. The price of fuel will have serious repercussions as it burdens the transportation of goods which will only burden the common.

Compared to UPA government, the present BJP regime failed people on all counts on some or other pretext. Many wish that this government should go for they want real `ache din’.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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