Mr KTR takes to task PM Mr Modi


Reacting to a Twitter message from Prime Minister Mr Modi that they had supplied drinking water to 38 lakh households with Jal Jeevan Mission, Mr KTR took strong exception.

Irritated at the message of Mr Modi, the Telangana minister sought to know from him what was a contribution to the Telangana state was in his Mission Bhagiratha scheme.

Mr KTR also strongly objected to the messages and appropriated flagship programme of a state government was not befitting to the stature of a Prime Minister.

It may be noted that the Telangana government had sought funds for the Mission Bhagiratha programme that was aimed at providing safe drinking tap water to each household. The government also invited Mr Modi for the grand inauguration. But he did not promise any help.

Even the Niti Ayog recommended the funds but the Prime Minister remained silent.

Now when the programme was almost complete, he is trying to claim the credit.

Shameless all the BJP leaders from the state to centre are trying appropriate all the achievements of the TRS government claiming that it was the Centre that funded the programmes – be it Kalyana Laxmi, Pensions, roads, or whatever. But they never come out with the figures. They are perhaps under the impression that the frequent blatant lies would win the faith of people, a myth they are not in a position to realise now. They are greedy for power and are all out in their efforts, an unfortunate thing.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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