The BJP government looted Rs One lakh each from 26 crore families.

Unable to control the rising prices of fuel, the BJP government remained mute as fuel prices increased by Rs 10 in two weeks.

The petrol per litre costs Rs 1117.68 while the diesel costs Rs 103.75 in Hyderabad.

The BJP government on a spree of Jan Dhan loot yojana looted Rs 26,51,919 crore during its regime so far, according to former finance minister Mr Chidambaram.

West Bengal chief minister Mamatha Banerjee accused the BJP government of unleashing terror in non-BJP states and has allowed the petrol companies of hiking fuel prices only to divert the attention of people. After being elected again in Uttar Pradesh, this was the return gift to the people by the BJP. She demanded an all-party meeting to discuss these issues while Congress leader Mr Rahul Gandhi accused the BJP of going on a looting spree. IN 2014, when the full tank of petrol cost Rs 714 now the same is costing Rs 1,038. The full tank of tractor fuel that cost fuel Rs 2,749 now costs Rs 4,563.

There was a furor in both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha as the Opposition parties opposed the rising prices and walked out of the houses but the BJP remained silent.

The fuel price rise continued unabated as the BJP government let the petrol companies loose.

It is having a spiraling effect on all essential commodities including vegetables, cooking oils, and all other condiments.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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