The AP administration’s fight with Telangana

Photo: Heights of discrimination. TRS leader Dr Shravan Dasoju being arrested by police for participating in peace rally on 2nd Sept.

By: Vijayashree Kurumilla

Telangana has received a double whammy, in terms of its fight, for demerger of its state. Until now, we fought against the administration’s oppressive ways, of crushing the movement but after the UPA’s decision in favour of Telangana, on July 30th, the administration is now, directly fighting, with us, over the decision.

Otherwise, there is no explaining the decision of the Police, to grant permission for holding a United Andhra Meeting in Hyderabad by the APNGO’s, on 7th of September. This, despite knowing, it will lead to escalated tensions and also, in a way, openly declaring who is running the show by, denying permission to TJAC, for holding peace rally, on the same day.

The police gave some very implausible reason for it, that the APNGO’s were the first ones to approach them, for permission. Why did they never give us permission for holding any kind of meeting anywhere in Hyderabad, at any point of time, in the past few years, post December 9th decision? Even Bathukamma has to be celebrated, with High Court permission.

This is not all, the worst part is what the police had to say in TOI, about the way things are going to be controlled on 7th of September, they said, ‘We can only pray that it would pass off peacefully’.

The police are going to pray that the day, will pass off peacefully, while in the case of Telangana, bind over’s, check posts, barbed wire and many obstacles were kept ready, many days in advance. If we have reached the stage where police will start praying for things, then we can expect their prayers to be answered with destruction and police raj, all around.

Anyway, since the Chief Minister and the government is running the United Andhra Movement, we should not be surprised if, they provide police escort, for people coming, to attend the rally and government vehicles used, to ferry people, from Seemandhra to Hyderabad.

I don’t think this sort of a thing, has happened anywhere, in any place in the history, of Independent India and one has a feeling that, we are not living in a democracy but a banana republic. This government has always been run for a group, of elite and business class, to exploit Telangana region while suppressing the aspirations of its, struggling masses.

Our Telangana ministers have a responsibility to put an end to this kind of open war against our region by its head, the Chief Minister. If they do not discharge their responsibility, we have to infer that they are in collusion, with Kiran in this war.

Right from the day of July 31st, the way the secretariat employees from Seemandhra region, came out and began their protests followed by other government employees, in other departments, while openly denouncing, the centre’s decision, shows clearly that they have a powerful backing for their flagrant violation, of their service rules.

And now the meeting by the APNGO’s in Hyderabad for United Andhra is only meant, for fermenting trouble, in Hyderabad with its intended reason, being to deny Hyderabad to Telangana. We have also seen, from the first day of their discontent, that while, they are openly using violence and abuse against our employees and people, they are projecting something else at the national

level. They want the whole world to believe that, they are being victimized and subjected to threats and abuse, by us. KCR’s simple statement was twisted out of context and meaning and is still being used as the ruse, for the unrest of these Seemandhra employees.

The state of Andhra Pradesh was formed, on a foundation of deceit and the same deceit has been used, again and again, to stop the demerger of Telangana. But Telangana has enough strength to fight against any kind of deceit; our people agitated against it, in 1952 itself and will not rest, until Telangana with full rights over Hyderabad as its capital, is formed.

The kind of shadow boxing that the Kiran Government is indulging in, will be answered with a proper punch from which, he and his Banana government can never hope, to recover. This time, it will be a double whammy, FROM, Telangana.

Jai Telangana!

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