TGANA SoCal celebrates Bathukamma

Bathukamma celebrations held in Cerritos on 13th Oct were a grand success!

Bathukamma has become the identity for Telanganities. The enthusiasm shown by all, and the smiles on the faces of elders, kids, ladies and men reflected the happiness of seeing our culture come through not only in Telangana but in US.

The exuberance shown by ladies while singing and playing Bathukamma brought back the fond memories, reminiscing the old and sweet feelings brought a sea of nostalgia. As one of the participants said, we could get the feel of our village atmosphere at the event. As urbanization gained momentum, we started losing our culture in 80′ and 90’s, the revival of Telangana movement and the celebration of Bathukamma events around the world have helped in restoring our culture while bringing our community together.

Coming to the event, this by far is the largest (250+ Telanganities) gathering of Telangana community we have seen in Southern California, many expressed their surprise and wondered where our community was for all these years. We have seen a gradual increase in families attending events being organized by TGANA over last 3 years. The success of this event can be attributed to the effort made by each of you, mainly spreading the word around and encouraging our friends and families to attend. We would like to see similar enthusiasm while continuing to see progressive increase in attendance at future events. Our next event is to celebrate Sankranthi with rangoli competition for ladies, and kite flying for kids and men. We hope to see you participate and enjoy the activities; details for the event will be published by end of November.

We have shared the Videos and Pictures on TGANA’s Facebook page ( and Google+, some of the pictures with the lake view (Cheruvu) background look beautiful. Also please visit us at to see past and future event details (pictures and videos).

We would like to thank all volunteers for stepping up and helping us in organizing the event. The variety of food brought by all was enjoyed all thru the event. These events are being conducted to bring the local Telangana community together, and create awareness, identity and preserve our rich culture among us.

Please keep coming to your future Telangana events organized by TGANA, and extend your support by creating awareness of TGANA and its activities. Finally, we welcome your constructive feedback on the event to improve us going forward.

(TGANA Press Release)

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