Conspiracy theories dampen SA protests

Photo: Govt teachers in Seemandhra participate in Anti-Telangana protests with sickles and axes. In the absence of proper leadership, Seemandhra protests are turning farcical. 

While the Cyclone Phailin has taken the wind out of Seemandhra protests, the people of the region are a confused lot, thanks to all kinds of conspiracy theories floating around.

The TDP leaders are accusing that Congress party has conspired with YSRCP and TRS to divide the state. While YSRCP is blaming that state division is result of a match-fixing between TDP & Congress. The ruling Congress is trying to put the blame on TDP and YSRCP, which have given support letters to Telangana statehood.

TDP’s pet media houses are churning out stories that YSRCP leader Jagan has struck a deal with Congress and has got bail. These media houses allege that YSRCP is tacitly supporting the state division, even though the party is leading the Samaikyandhra movement.

YS Jagan’s media houses are in-turn publishing stories that CM Kiran Kumar Reddy, who is posing as a staunch integrationist, is actually aiding the Congress high-command and hijacking the Samaikyandhra movement. They also allege that even Chandra Babu is helping Congress party in dividing the state.

Similar stories are being telecast about APNGO leader Ashok Babu. Some say he is on the payroll of CM Kiran himself, while others link him to YS Jagan.

Such conflicting media stories are confusing Seemandhra people and civil society. They are now viewing every political party and politician with suspicion. This is one of the main reasons why the Samaikyandhra movement is losing steam day by day. Common people and some organizations in Seemandhra are now understanding that none of the three political parties are sincere about state unity, but are merely playing games of one upmanship in Samaikyandhra movement.

With Seemandhra APSRTC, Electricity and Secretariat employees withdrawing the strike, it is clear that this leaderless, rudderless and directionless movement will die a natural death very soon.


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