Telangana’s all-round growth rate unstoppable

The youngest state of India is on a path of progress with an unprecedented growth rate in terms of GSDP and per-capita income. Telangana’s GSDP growth rate is far ahead when compared to the national average.

The recently released statistics by the Telangana State Statistical Abstract Report reveal that the state’s GSDP grew at 12.4% in between 2012-13 and 2021-22. In the same time period, the national growth rate stood at 10.6%.

The contribution of Telangana towards the national GDP has been improved from 4% in 2012-13 to 4.9% in 2021-22. Telangana’s GSDP in 2014-15 was Rs. 5.05 lakh crores which jumped to Rs. 11.48 lakh crores in 2021-22.

With a whopping 175% growth rate, the per-capita income of Telangana has risen to Rs. 2.75 lakhs from Rs. 1 lakh in a span of ten years.

Also, the goods and service exports from the state have increased 2.5 times from Rs. 1.10 lakh crores in 2015-16 to Rs. 2.65 lakh crores in 2021-22. 

The statistics testify the fact that Telangana was performing exceptionally well post-state formation under the leadership of CM KCR.

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