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Governor lost all her respect, BRS leaders

By making uncharitable remarks against the ruling BRS government in Telangana, Governor Tamilisai lost all her respect. She also denigrated the highest constitutional post and its sanctity, said BRS leaders. BRS MLC Bhanuprasada Rao, former MLC Srinivasa Reddy and others took strong objection to the Governor’s attitude towards the democratically elected BRS government.

Advising her not to turn the Governor office into a BJP unit office, the BRS leaders said flexiboards were put up excluding the chief minister or welfare and development projects of the state. But some BJP enthusiasts put up boards displaying their leaders photos and Modi’s achievement. This has never happened anywhere.

Mr Bhanuprasada Rao pointed out that in many states the BJP appointed Governors are harassing the elected regional parties like in Telangana, Kerala, Maharashtra and elsewhere. The BJP which seeks high constitutional spirit and federal spirit has diluted many institutions including the Governor’s office.

The BRS leaders advised the governor to give up confrontationist attitude and strive for unbiased conduct of the office.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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