Telangana United Forum (TUF Saudi Arabia) celebrates annual success

Telangana United Forum (TUF Saudi Arabia) organized their Annual Program to celebrate the success and shared the report of their projects with the community members at La Sani Restaurant, Jeddah on Saturday 28 November 2015.

The Chief Guest was H. E. Bawa Syed Mubarak, Consul General Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Balubaid, Vice Dean for Development, Jeddah Community College, King Abdul Aziz University was guest of honor. Speakers of the program were Dr. Laxman Sockalingam, from King Abdul Aziz University and Mr. Danish Abdul Ghafoor a businessmen from the community.

The program started with the recitation of the Qur’an by Hafiz Syed Sayeeduddin followed by Naat Shareef by Mr. Asimuddin Ansari.

Aliuddin (TUF Joint Secretary) made a slide presentation covering the activities of TUF at Jeddah as well as back home in Telangana.

Dr. Aftab Ahmed / Dr. Thobe Jose (Faculty of JCC – KAAU) made a presentation on Association of chartered certified accountant (ACCA) and other available courses which are available at Jeddah Community College for the expatriate community.

TUF executives Mahmood Balsharaf, Obaid Bajhao, Mazharuddin Khan, Syed Minhajuddin, Ahmed Yezdani and Mstr. Qudrath Ali Khan presented Bouquet’s to the guests.

Mahtab Qadar, TUF Vice President welcomed the guests on behalf of organizing committee, and said service to mankind is essences of Islam, “We believe the service to humanity is part of our faith. We should be engaged in social welfare and try to serve not only our own community but also the communities around us and that is what TUF is doing here as well as in Telangana. Also he expressed gratitude to all who generously help the TUF in meeting the objectives.

Highlight of the evening were the speeches of Dr. Laxman Sockalingam and Mr. Danish Abdul Ghafoor.

Dr. Sockalingam emphasized on extending voluntarism at every aspect of life as it is a social responsibility. He referred to many great leader’s sayings in this regard addressed to the audience of making a habit of volunteering even for a very small deed,

Mr. Danish Abdul Ghafoor spoke on talent and he stressed to the parents that rather than imposing their own choice on children for Education specially in selection of the profession they want to opt for but said evaluation of the proper talent and interest of the child to be considered and this will only ensure that a child can excel in performance and have successful professional life.

H.E. Bawa Syed Mubarak appreciated activities of TUF Saudi Arabia and especially in highlighting the difficulties of getting Education / Training among the needy and how TUF is extending their helping hands. He also emphasized on improving and developing talent other than having educational certifications. Though Education is key factor that turns things around and secures a respectable living.

Dr. Balubaid highlighted the importance of giving education to children and briefed to the gathering about the courses “KAU and JCC is offering to expatriate communities. He said JCC is hub of professionals, offering a lot of professional certifications to all.

Siadath Ali Khan, TUF President thanked Consul General B.S. Mubarak and other dignitaries and highlighted about the future mega projects of TUF Saudi Arabia back in Telangana, India. Requested all to pray for the success of this organization and suggested all attendees to be part of this organization in serving the mankind of

any religion, caste and tribe. Also thanked the efforts of King Abdul Aziz University in promoting educational activities like ACCA for expat children.

Badruddin Ansari was host of the evening and conducted the function proceedings.

Other prominent TUF Executives who were present at the function included Liaqath Ali Khan, Abdul Qadeer Jaweed, Mohammed Junaid, Syed Afzal, Syed Manazir Ali and others.

Function Concluded with the vote of Thanks by TUF executive member Mohammed Shafiullah.

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