TATA Meet & Greet with Deshapathi Srinivas

Telangana America Telugu Association (T.A.T.A.) presented an excellent Meet and greet program with Sri. Deshapathi Srinivas, Officer on Special Duty to Chief Minister Telangana. Event was organized by T.A.T.A. of Bay Area on Saturday November 14, 2015 at 556 S Milpitas Blvd, Milpitas, and was well attended over 400-450 enthusiastic audience of Telugu community.

With Blessings of “TATA” Malla Reddy Garu, Jhansi Reddy Garu, MahenderMusuku, Srinivas Anugu, Bharat Madadi and Anil Arrabelli. In Support with Micro Info and AHR Foundation.

The event started with a minute silence in respect of Telangana Amara Veerulu followed by Sri Srinivas Manapragada (National Cultural Chairman) of T.A.T.A. singing Telangana Patriotic song “Jaya hey Jaya hey Telangana”.

He explained the ideals of T.A.T.A. and the ambitious plans of service including supporting “Mission Kakatiya”.

TATA Board of Director Vijay Chava introduced TATA members and talked about TATA Membership drive.

Appi Reddy (Regional Vice President) spoke about Youth involvement in TATA activities and future programs.

The evening entertainment was presented by Nishanth, Shashank Goud and Srinivas Manapragada, Folk songs and dance performances by Tirumalesh.

Produtoor Yella Reddy, Professor, noted kavi, Telangana person has talked on history of Telangana poet’s involvement and made aware of the contributions of known poets of Telangana struggle.

Sri Raja Reddy Garu a leading industrialist of Bay Area and TIE President elect, spoke on the involvement of Telangana IT professionals and their participation in the community.
As NRI from Nizamabad, he mentioned how the technology can be used in villages and rural sector and encouraged the youth involvement in the IT activities.

He also mentioned about recent involvement with T Hub initiated by Telangana Govt.
Sri. Deshapathi SrinivasGaru, celebrity of the event explained the rich culture and heritage of Telangana and importance of it in the history of forming the state. As the state is doing its best to preserve and promote the heritage, he stressed upon the need for NRIs to step forward to do their part.

He explained the evolution of Telangana struggle and the great contributions of late Sri. Jaya Shanker Garu – how he relentlessly made an effort to motivate people to come to his meetings which started at mere 50 people to 50 lakhs people at his last speech at Warangal. He also explained with examples how Telangana Telugu is rich in its form, expression and how it influenced other dialects.

He explained how Telangana Govt. is working towards self-sustained rural economy and briefed about the re-design of water and power projects by Telangana Government.
Sri Deshapati SrinivasGaru being a poet and very knowledgeable about state history, most of his narration was filled with poetic recitals to reference the life and history of the people, which made the evening live and energized. The packed audience thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

The event organizers, T.A.T.A. Felicitated Sri. Deshapathi Garu, and Produtoor Yella Reddy Garuwith shawls, flower bouquets. Local Telangana cultural associations(TCA), Silicon Andhra Association heads and members showed their support to TATA and its activities.

TATA event organizers Ramesh Thangellapalli, Abhilash Rangineni, UdayJonnala, BhaskerMaddi, extended their thanks to everyone who attended and the sponsors who supported the event.

We personally would like to thank Venkatesh Bukka for your effort in covering complete event for media coverage. We would like to extend our special thanks to media partners HMTV, NTV, Aina TV, V6 News, TV9, TV5,, Mission, Telugutimes, NamstheAndhra, TelanagaTimes, Eenadu, NamastheTelangana,, San Jose Mercury News, Ragalahari,, Deccan Chronicle, Andhra Jyothy, Indian Express, Sakshi, India West, India Post, Deccan Abroad, TNIlive, Andhra Patrika, Vaartha, Siasat, Munsifdaily, rahnumadeccan.

Sponsors and who supported the event are: Event MC is Nishanth Reddy, and his team of TATA Yuva dance performers – ShashankGoud, Lalith Kumar, Satish Banavath, Amith Reddy, Nishanth, Srujan Reddy, Sushruth Reddy, Ravi Varma, Bal Reddy, Sadvik Reddy, SreejaAnam, Abhi Rao Katari.

Special thank you note and gesture rendered by TATA Minority Chairman Sri. Sri G. Mohd. Iqbal, Abdul Kudus, Mateem, Akhil&Sohil.



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