Telangana surpasses its own record in paddy cultivation

In the history of Telangana state, paddy cultivation has reached its peak with the extent of paddy cultivation registered in 65 lakh acres this rainy season. Last year, it was 64.54 lakh acres. This time newly 50,000 acres were added.

The total extent of cultivation of all crops in Telangana as per records is 1.26 crore acres. This is a record. Cotton is being grown in 45.16 lakh acres, maize in 5.46 lakh acres, soybean in 4.67 lakh acres, and red gram in 4.74 lakh acres.

This revolution began five years ago. Never did the paddy crop go beyond 30 lakh acres in the state. When the Telangana state was formed in 2014-15, the paddy cultivation was restricted to just 22.74 lakh acres that rainy season. After the state formation, 42.26 lakh acres were added. This is phenomenal indeed.

The state government initiatives such as free power to farmers, the revival of tanks and canals, massive construction of check-dams, input assistance like Rythu Bandhu and more than that, the repeated assurances by Chief Minister Mr KCR to the farmers have made it all possible. His assurances infused enormous confidence among the farmers who saw a new light in their lives.

The extent of cultivation which was 1.31 crore during the earlier days of state formation is now registered at 2.21 crore acres.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao