KCR himself is a ‘guarantee’ to Telangana: Minister Harish Rao

Taking a sharp dig at the six guarantees of the Congress party, BRS senior leader and Minister T Harish Rao said people here need no guarantees as KCR himself is a guarantee. When the BJP and Congress party talk of promises, it is Mr KCR who delivered them and continues to do so.

Mr KCR took care of those marginalised sections giving free power supply even to saloons and laundries. It is the BRS government that has helped 12 lakh girls get Rs. 1,00,000 for their marriages under Kalyana Laxmi and Shaadi Mubarak.
The Congress that has neglected the people and their welfare for decades during its rule is now coming up with guarantees. That only means that people lost faith in that party.

The same is the case with BJP which has been denying due share in development to Telangana. Modi did not help in river water sharing with Telangana. Both BJP and Congress party leaders are coming to people as the elections are nearing. They are coming with false promises which they failed to implement in the states where they are ruling. How can people believe them here?

Mr Harish Rao said the people of Telangana are solely dependent on Mr KCR whom they see as the most capable and dependable leader. They need no other leader in Telangana except Mr KCR who brought Telangana and introduced many welfare schemes.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao