Telangana Poru Yatra: Day 14 Highlights

Telangana Poru Yatra continued in the Karimnagar district on the fourteenth day.

Kishan Reddy addressed the first meeting at Mustanpalli. He said that fake Gandhis are ruling the country and they do not have any feelings for real democracy or people’s aspirations. 750 students died in the current spell of the agitation and both Sonia and Manmohan have no concern about it.

“Why are they making a toothless Chidambaram to talk on this subject”, he questioned.

Referring to Chidambaram’s statement that he would call for an all party meeting on Telangana only after all the political parties in the state give their opinion on Telangana, Kishan Reddy sought to know if the statement of December 9 2009 was given after the consultations of all the political parties or not? When the statement for the state formation has come out only after the consultations with all the parties then why consultations again now, he questioned.

Later he addressed a huge gathering at Husnabad. Speaking on the occasion he said that the people of Telangana have been fighting for the separate state because of the neglect of the region by successive Governments in the state.

He said the waters of SRSP are not reaching the intended beneficiaries in the district due to government’s negligence. Kishan Reddy also mentioned about the miserable lives of weavers in Karim Nagar district.

All through the day, there were huge gatherings at many locations in the route where thousands of party workers and people gathered to greet him. At many places, he had to speak and also hoist the BJP flags.

The last meeting of the day was held at Huzurabad where a crowd of 6000 people waited patiently for over 4 hours to listen to Kishan Reddy. Former MP C.Janga Reddy and Vice President of the party K.Satyanarayana and another Vice President G.Ramakrishna Reddy also attended the public meeting.

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