BJP Telangana Poru Yatra: Day 13 Highlights

Sri G. Kishan Reddy’s Telangana Poru Yatra continued in the Karimnagar district on the thirteenth day. Kishan Reddy met the cotton farmers in the morning. The farmers have explained their pathetic living conditions and lack of Government support to them.
After listening to all of them, Kishan Reddy demanded the Government to raise the minimum support price of cotton and rescue the farmers from their precarious situation.

Later on, he addressed the first meeting at Korutla. He said that CM Kiran Kumar Reddy is meeting with industrialists and trying to impress upon them that the Telangana agitation has subsided but he need to realize that the movement is alive in the hearts of three and half crores people of Telangana. Both Chandrababu and Jagan are doing yatras in Telangana just to indicate that the agitation has calmed down. They both have to realize that the Telangana movement is like an underlying current that will explode very soon if the Congress continues to deceive the Telangana people.

Dhushyant Gautam, the All India AC Morcha President, Muralidhar Rao, National Secretary also participated in the meetings at Vemulavada and Gangadhra.

Prakash Javadekar, the National Spokesperson of the BJP participated in the yatra at Karimnagar meeting. Speaking on the occasion he said that the people of Telangana have ben fighting for the separate state for over decades now and the Central Government has done enough delay on announcing the formation of new state. He said that hundreds of people have already given up their lives and he wished that this poru yatra of BJP would be the last one in the fight for Telangana and people should celebrate the Telangana victory yatra soon after this current yatra is over. He said that if Congress has any kind of credibility left, then it should immediately declare Telangana in the year 2012 itself.

The meeting at Karimnagar went on until late in the night and BJP cadre and the people of Karimnagar were present all the time waiting for the leaders to arrive and the meeting has ended with thunderous applause and support to the leaders of the poru yatra.

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