Telangana People are Our High Command and their aspirations are the agenda of TRS, says CM KCR


Telangana people are high command and their demands are the agenda of TRS party, said Chief Minister  and TRS Party President Sri K Chandrasekhar Rao.

Mr Rao who has been elected as the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) party president unanimously for the ninth time in his elaborate speech at the plenary being held on Monday explained in detail about past, present, and future of Telangana state.

Beginning from the need for separate statehood to the Telangana region in united Andhra Pradesh to the present state of affairs, Mr Rao said decades of discrimination and humiliation at the hands of Andhra leaders led to the demand for statehood. The prolonged separate Telangana struggle espoused by TRS witnessed many conspiracies and humiliations but ultimately succeeded in its efforts. “As promised to the people, the TRS achieved separate Telangana state. It did not stop there. During the past seven-year rule, it had improved the standard of living of every community. The TRS government is coming up with new welfare and development programmes and will continue to do so,” Mr KCR told delegates.

“The Andhra leaders said Telangana will plunge into darkness as it does not have the capacity to produce power. Now in Andhra, there is a shortage of power supply while Telangana has an uninterrupted free power supply to farmers,” he pointed out.

The chief minister KCR warned the people to be wary of Congress, BJP, and other party leaders who are resorting to bad propaganda misleading people about TRS government and its sincerity in helping Telangana population.

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