Once Disdained, Telangana Has Known the World Over Now

Telangana people do not know Telugu, do not know the culture, and do not know to farm. Every aspect of the life and culture of Telangana was under attack for decades.

Now the reality is altogether different. The laser show on Burj Khalifa, Dubai on Saturday featuring the festival of flowers – Batukamma, portrait of Chief Minister KCR, and Jai Telangana slogans are only some facts that vouch for the fact that world now knows what and where is Telangana and its distinct culture.

The credit for putting up an excellent and colourful laser show about Batukamma festival goes to Telangana Jagruthi founder and MLC Kaluvakuntla Kavitha, the daughter of CM KCR. She and her organisation were instrumental during 14 years long-separate Telangana struggle in uniting people through her cultural activities, particularly Batukamma. Her efforts popularised centuries-old festival the world over as she organised the festival in various countries securing the support of Telugus for the cause of separate Telangana.

Retired Associate Professor of English, Mr K Damodar Rao pointed that even those in New Delhi do not know about Telugus. “The Delhi leaders considered Telugus as Tamils. They never noticed our existence. That is our history and now it is totally different, thanks to Mr KCR,” he said.

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