Telangana govt spends 28% of budgeted expenditure

The Telangana government has so far accrued 28 per cent of the budgeted expenditure of the full year, as the state seeks to ensure spending target covering various sectors.

The state achieved this after a careful planning as the first quarter of any financial year sees less expenditure due to the time taken for grounding the proposed projects, said a finance ministry statement.

The state was able to spend Rs 31,872 crore so far this year out of the total budget estimate of Rs 1.15 lakh crore for the fiscal 2015-16.

Similarly, the government could collect Rs 12,096 crore in state taxes, which is 26 per cent of the total estimated revenue receipts for the year, according to the statement.

Total revenue receipts, including the central devolution, stood at Rs 25,970 crore for the four-month period up to July 20, out of the estimated Rs 77,581 crore for the full year.

“The Stamps and Registration department has shown an impressive growth of more than 25 per cent in revenues over that of last year, whereas the overall increase in receipts when compared with the last year is around 10 per cent,” the ministry said.

Source: Business Standard

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