Telangana govt. procured 50 lakh tonnes of paddy so far in this season

The state government has procured 50 lakh tonnes paddy worth Rs. 9,600 crore and is expected to procure another 10 to 12 lakh tonnes. The present procurement is 11 lakh tonnes more compared to last year.

The state government had set up 6,931 paddy procurement centres across the state. With demand for paddy in the domestic and international markets has increased, traders and millers too vying to procure paddy from farmers.

According to an estimate, so far, the traders and millers procured 35 lakh tonnes of paddy in Telangana state. The paddy was cultivated in an area of 33,65,592 acres under various major and medium irrigation projects in the state.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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