Mission Telangana

Telangana govt. delegation met Foxconn chairman in Taipei

A delegation from the government of Telangana led by Sujai Karampuri, Director – Electronics and Semiconductors met the Chairman of Foxconn, Young Liu and the CEO of Foxconn Interconnect Technology Limited (FIT), Sidney Lu at the Taipei headquarters.

The delegation discussed the various initiatives being undertaken by Telangana to improve the electronics manufacturing ecosystem and the ease of doing business in the State. Telangana is fast emerging as the preferred destination for new investments and has attracted more than US $ 40 billion worth of investments and created over 22.5 lakh jobs in the last eight years.

The delegation discussed various avenues which the Foxconn group could explore in Telangana. Director Karampuri highlighted that Telangana is strategically positioned to be a pioneer and lead the way in high-tech manufacturing, with a vision to create a $150B high-tech manufacturing ecosystem with a 1.5 million workforce by 2032.

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