Centre agrees to merge Secunderabad Cantonment with GHMC

A long-fought battle comes to an end. Minister KTR’s efforts to merge the Secunderabad Cantonment Board (SCB) with the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) have paid off. The union government has agreed to merge the SCB with the GHMC. 

The state government, especially minister KTR, has been vociferous about including the cantonment area in the Hyderabad civic body. The government made various representations and duly followed up. 

Now, the centre has formed an eight-member committee to look into the modalities for the excision of civil areas from the limits of SCB. It has to submit its report in one month. 

The committee has been constituted to look into the details of proposed modalities for excision i.e. land and immovable assets, cantonment board employees, pensioners, cantonment funds, civic services, moveable properties & stores, road management and traffic, records, etc.

This move will develop the cantonment area on par with other parts of the city falling under the GHMC. It has to be recalled that there were numerous requests and protests from the residents of the cantonment area to make them a part of the GHMC. And their demand has been finally heard by the union government. 

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