Telangana Government to award websites

Telangana Government will institute awards for websites that adhere to guidelines laid out by Government of India and other best practices prescribed by standards bodies, ITE&C department Principal Secretary Jayesh Ranjan said.

He was speaking at a workshop held on `Making Government Websites Discoverable and Mobile-friendly’ by Google India in association with Government of Telangana.

“Telangana has been a pioneer in implementing eGovernance in big way. Since usage of mobiles will go up dramatically in the future, we are now taking up m-Governance seriously,” Ranjan said.

Dileep Konatham, director, Digital Media, outlined the importance of making Government websites mobile and search engine-friendly as more users are using mobiles to access information and services on the Government websites. Stressing on security, privacy, availability, content quality of the websites, he said that ITE&C department has taken up GIGW Compliance Project, which aims to make all Government and its constituents’ websites user-friendly, usable and user-centric.

Syed Mallik and Abhas Tripathi of Google India conducted the workshop. Around 30 project managers, software developers from NIC-Hyderabad, Centre for Good Governance, TS Online and other agencies involved in developing Government websites have attended the Workshop.

Government of Telangana and Google have signed an MoU in March, 2017 that aims at supporting the digitisation efforts of the State. Under one of the items of MoU, Google is providing assistance in making government websites mobile-friendly, among others.

Source: Telangana Today

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