Telangana consumes record units of power

Telangana power utilities have created an all-time record by supplying 194.85 million units of power on Monday. This is the highest ever power consumption recorded in the state which had faced a severe power shortage two years ago. The spike in the power consumption resulted after the TRS government announced uninterrupted power supply to the agriculture sector and launched it on a trial basis in 10 districts. Prior to this, the highest ever power consumption was 187.9 million units which was recorded on July 29.

The daily demand is now moving precariously upwards. On an experimental basis, the 24×7 power supply to the farm sector was launched in the erstwhile Medak, Karimnagar and Nalgonda districts which now number ten. With the launch of the power supply, it was reported that large number of farmers in the drought prone Medak and Nalgonda have taken up cultivation in the Kharif season and that the average area under cultivation in these two districts has reported a steep increase.

Now, the Southern Power Distribution Company Limited (SPDCL) as well as Transco are firing on all cylinders to meet the ever increasing demand. While power demand has reported a decline in all other states, Telangana is only state which recorded a 15 per cent increase, thanks to free 24×7 power to agriculture.

“We have touched 195 million units demand in the state. In the coming days, it may cross 200 million units. At present, we are able to provide the supply as agriculture operations are underway. Without imposing any cuts to the other sectors, we are supplying 24×7 power to farmers,” D Prabhakar Rao, CMD of Transco and Genco told.

Of the total generation, Central Generating Stations including NTPC, NLC and Atomic Energy Corporation have come to the rescue of Telangana by supplying 117.76 million units. As on Monday, the total thermal power generation in the state was only 61.60 million units with no generation from the hydro-electric stations in the state. Generation at gas based units too has been suspended due to paucity of gas and high cost fears. The recently added solar projects are supplying about 8.83 million units per day. To meet any eventuality, the Transco has prepared a contingency plan and to take more power from Chhattisgarh which is at present supplying about 1000 MW every day.

Source: Times of India

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