Telangana creates history commissioning another stupendous lift irrigation project in the country

Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao commissioned the prestigious Palamuru Rangareddy lift irrigation project. It will be a lifeline for the people of erstwhile Mahabubnagar and the surrounding five districts. Vast reservoirs, gigantic motors, and natural hillocks as bunds along the reservoirs and canals are a modern engineering feat and salient features of the project.

Seeing surging waters after switching on the mammoth motors, the joy of CM KCR knew no bounds. “I am very happy and feel the purpose of my life is fulfilled today”, he remarked. Addressing a huge gathering later, he lashed out at the successive governments for ignoring the Telangana.

The local leaders too collided with the then-rulers to protect their power and positions at the cost of the people, the CM said. The Mahabubnagar district is known for hunger deaths, gruel centres, mass migration and vast stretches of parched lands. The people were deprived of irrigation and drinking water and left to their fate, he added.

The Andhra leaders roared against us and threatened us. But they went on building projects without any permission. They question us. It is strange, KCR remarked. The Modi government has been sitting on the issue of settling Telangana’s share in Krishna River waters. Despite efforts, the BJP government did not act. It is refusing to direct the tribunal to settle the share of the waters, he said.

Mr. KCR asked people to question the BJP leaders when they come seeking votes. Ask them why they are silent and why do not they question PM Modi on the delay in settling the Krishna River water share to Telangana. He said that he Congress, BJP and TDP – all parties did a lot of injustice to Telangana.

The Chief Minister said he was moved by the plight of the people of Mahabubnagar when he began his padayatra from Jogulamba temple and then vowed to put an end to the suffering of people. He said he pledged to take up the much-needed Palamuru-Rangareddy project to turn the parched land into lush green fields. Now farmers could harvest riches with the abundant water from this project.

“It was not an easy task. We had to struggle hard. First, we had to fight with the enemies within the district and run from pillar to post. Spent sleepless nights designing this project to ensure minimum disturbance to people. We befriended nature and used the hillocks and natural terrain to make it part of this dream project,” Mr KCR explained to people.

Referring to tall talk by the BJP and other Opposition parties, Mr KCR cautioned people against being misled. The state is on the path of progress you name any sector. Irrigation, Education, Health and whatnot. This progress should continue. “If you get confused and allowed to be misled by opposition parties, bad days will befall us again,” he cautioned.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao