T-Tadka on your plate

By: Jemima Margaret Eliot

Galli galli lo vanta Delhi lo manta’ that’s the T-slogan being used to ignite passions as activists light up cooking fires in the city’s streets to stir up Telangana people to take pride in their culture and food.

And this time, people did not mind the heat and smoke it generated because it was not from a burning bus. In fact, of all the methods used by T activists to stir up the T-sentiment, the most appetizing ones have been the food festivals and the galli bhojanalu that sought to create awareness on Telangana cuisine.

For long, the earthy local cuisine had been overshadowed by the Nawabi cuisine and though the coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema fare got their share of recognition, Telangana cuisine never really got its due. One of the reasons could be because Telangana food has many things in common with other food traditions as well, although they might be a couple of jowar, sorghum and maize based dishes that are specific to the Telangana region.

In fact, many restaurants, even those that had a Telangana food fest, do not label Telugu food based on the various regions in the state. “We do not demarcate between Telangana, Andhra and Rayalaseema dishes,” says Chef S Viswanathan from a popular restaurant that specializes in Southern cuisine. [Times of India]

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