Students to intensify Telangana movement

Telangana Poru Keka Sabha organized by Telangana Vidyarthi Ikya Vedika (TVIV), at City College on Thursday was a grand success with a large gathering of students.

Ekka Yadagiri, designer of Telangana martyrs statue at Gun Park, Zahiruddin Ali khan, Managing Editor of Siasat news daily, Prof. G Laxman, Prof. M D Ansari (from OU), and Nagaraju from Telangana Lok Satta attended the meeting.

Speakers opined that a fitting lesson should be taught to all those political parties, who were cheating the people of Telangana over the separate state issue.

TVIV president Konagala Mahesh said that more such meetings in different parts of the Telangana region will be organised to bring all the likeminded people onto a single platform and intensify the agitation for separate state.

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