SKC 8th Chapter itself affects the integrity of the nation!

Read Sri Krishna Committee’s Secret Note in 8th Chapter here:

News reports reveal that the central government had informed the high court that disclosure of the contents of SKC’s Secret Chapter is ‘harmful to the interests of the state besides affecting the integrity of the nation’

We Telanganites feel that the existence of such a secret chapter itself poses serious threat to the interests of the state and affects the integrity of a democratic nation.

Such blatant recommendations to crush a popular peoples movement using deceit, corruption, inducement and brute police force is shameful and threatens the very foundations of our nation.

Instead of prosecuting the people who have come up with such a clandestine report, the central government is still trying to escape by claiming privilege under the provisions of Indian Evidence Act.

We think that by trying to cover up one mistake, the central government is only committing more mistakes. The day will come, when even the highest court would castigate the central government for this grave mistake.


Full text of SKC Secret Chapter Judgement by Justice L Narasimha Reddy








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