Sinister Conspiracy to Postpone Nizamabad Parliament Elections

The opposition parties had left no stone unturned to disturb the parliament elections in Nizamabad constituency.

It has been evident that BJP and Congress leaders from Nizamabad provoked turmeric and red jowar farmers of Nizamabad district to file nomination papers.

Political analysts are of the opinion that the two so-called national parties resorted to provoking farmers as they fear defeat in the hands of sitting MP and the present TRS candidate Kalvakuntla Kavitha.

A total of 174 “farmers” are contesting in the Lok Sabha elections from Nizamabad constituency. Out of this, 101 candidates belonged to Congress, 34 belonged to BJP, 8 to TDP and 46 are said to be independent candidates.

It is interesting to see many candidates who belonged to neighboring Karimnagar constituency also filed nominations in Nizamabad constituency.

MP Kavitha stated that the Congress and the BJP leaders provoked turmeric and red jowar farmers of Nizamabad district to file nomination papers in the Lok Sabha elections in an attempt to besmirch the TRS’ image. She also stated that both the opposition parties had no issues to raise for the electioneering, and therefore they had been provoking the farmers.

In her term as an MP, Kavitha had introduced a private Bill in the Lok Sabha for setting up the Turmeric Board which was supported by four Chief Ministers who put pressure on the Centre as well.

“In spite of approaching the center multiple times, the BJP-led NDA government never cooperated in setting up of the turmeric board,” Kavitha said.

Meanwhile, the Election Commission of India has decided to use 25,000 ballot units, 2,000 control units and 2,000 VVPATs in Nizamabad. The farmers who filed the nominations have been demanding to conduct the elections over ballot paper, deliberately trying to cause hurdles to the election process. Preparing ballot papers would take time leading to the postponement of the elections.

But the EC has ruled out the scope for postponement of the election to Nizamabad constituency. The EC officials said that each polling station would have 12 ballot units across Nizamabad constituency. The elections, as scheduled, will be held on April 11, 2019, along with the entire state.

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