Mission Telangana

Shameless BJP vows to topple the TMC government in West Bengal.

Brazenly arrogant and shameless BJP leaders vow to topple the democratically elected government in West Bengal before December.
The Trinamool Congress (TMC) headed by Mamatha Benarjee was elected one and half year ago despite the conspiracies and dirty tricks played by the BJP. Now BJP MLA Agnimithra Pal says her party is in touch with 30 TMC MLAs and soon they would topple the TMC government. The TMC government would not last after December, she said without any regrets reflecting the shameless audacity.
The BJP brokers were exposed in Telangana who came here with a similar plan. The Courts were reprimanding the BJP leaders. The people abhor the party. But they are not ready to mend their ways.
The West Bengal assembly has 294 seats and the TMC won 213 seats, setting a record. However the BJP using the ED, CBI and IT departments harassing the TMC leaders to tame them and bring them into their fold.
The BJP has only 71 seats in the Assembly and is far away from forming the government. Without any shame the party leaders still claim to form the government by poaching the TMC MLAS.
The people of the country are witnessing the BJP and its nefarious activities. They would teach a befitting lesson at an appropriate time.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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