TRS seeks amendment to Article 200 of the Constitution.

The TRS party has requested the Law Commission of India to recommend for amendment to Article 200.
The article says the Governor should return the bills as soon as possible.
The Telangana planning board vice Chairman B Vinod Kumar in a letter to law commission Chairman Rituraj Awasthi requested him to recommend for replacement of the phrase “as soon as possible” by “within 30 days’ ‘.
He said the Governor of Telangana has been sitting on eight bills for two months for no reason. The Tamil Nadu Governor held 20 bills. B Vinod Kumar said Governors in all states are acting at the behest of BJP government at centre and harassing the non BJP governments in states which is not correct.
For effective implementation of welfare and development programmes of the states, there is urgent need for amendment to article 200, he said.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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