Mission Telangana

Seemandhra lobby planning violence in Delhi?

Seemandhra leaders, who have brazenly attacked Parliament to stall Telangana, are now attempting to create more violence in the national capital.

Union Home Ministry has received credible information that Seemandhra protesters may create mayhem in Delhi.

Thousands of Seemandhra protesters are now being ferried into Delhi in about ten trains and several dozens of buses. While the stated purpose is a protest at Ram Leela Maidan by APNGOs, and another protest by YS Jagan at Jantar Mantar, the real purpose is to create law & order problems in Delhi – and thereby ensure that the Telangana bill is not passed.

Law enforcement agencies, intelligence agencies and Delhi police, who have received credible information about a probable law & order breakdown have started taking preventive measures.

It is a shame that the Seemandhra leaders have now stooped to creating bloodshed in national capital to stall Telangana.

Union government should ensure that the conspiracies of Seemandhra leaders are foiled.



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