Seemandhra Media lies on Home Min. Note

Seemandhra media has long surpassed Goebbels. Spreading lies, half-truths about Telangana has become the daily routine of many Seemandhra media houses.

As the formation of Telangana is turning into a reality, the desperation of Seemandhra media is palpable.

The latest attempt by Seemandhra media houses to distort the note sent by Home Ministry to Group of Ministers, is a classic case of how low they can stoop to.

Since yesterday, all Seemandhra media outlets – both TV Channels and Newspapers have been spreading rumors that the Home Ministry note has said that it is not possible to create Telangana without amending Article 371D.

Sakshi newspaper published the following news item as a banner story today.

The news story tries to blatantly lie about the contents of the Home Ministry note. Sakshi newspaper wants us to believe that unless 371D is amended, the statehood process can’t go ahead.

Mission Telangana has succeeded in getting a copy of the Home Ministry note, and we are shocked to note that the actual note says exactly opposite.

Here is what is written in the Home Ministry Note:

Even a layman can understand that the Home Ministry note says the amendment or repealing of Article 371D has to be done “After the formation of Telangana”. But Seemandhra media deliberately hides this crucial piece of information and spreads false news about 371D.

It is shame that even after the statehood process has almost reached half-way mark, Seemandhra media has not mended its ways.

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