Seemandhra Brand Statehood Agitation

When Telangana people stopped a few Andhra buses on NH-9 yesterday, the Seemandhra leaders were livid. So, we at Mission Telangana wanted to remind them a piece of their history.

We wanted to remind them about the orgy of violence that fetched them the Andhra state in 1953. The following newslips showcase the ugly side of the Andhra statehood movement. The death of one person – Potti Sriramulu triggered these violent incidents.

These newsclips also prove how peaceful the Telangana statehood movement is even after the death of over 600 Telanganites in the ongoing agitation.

The clips are in Telugu. If you want to read some news clips in English, you can visit this link: Andhra Leaks Part 6: When Violence Worked

Read on:

Courtesy: Andhra Patrika and Andhra Prabha



Mission Telangana does not encourage violence of any form against anyone. The article is just to put the current events in perspective. This is an attempt to remind history to those who don’t know.

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