Uniform Employees Join Telangana strike

Pic: Excise and Forest staff participating in a Telangana rally

The General Strike for Telangana has further intensified with the “uniform employees” from Excise and Forest departments joining it yesterday. This is a major blow both to the central and state governments.

Uniform employees have a strict code of conduct and they do not participate in any agitations directly.

Telangana movement has already transformed into a major grass-roots people’s movement with people of all ages, castes, religions and occupations joining it.

The movement got a further boost with the joining of uniformed employees from Excise and Forest departments. All staff of Excise department, State Beverages Corporation are also joining the Telangana General strike from tomorrow. This will effectively stop the sale of all alcoholic beverages in the state, leading to the drying up of a major government revenue source.

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