Scores of leaders from various parties in Odisha join BRS

The Odisha former chief minister Mr Giridhar Gamang, his wife, son and three former MPs, seven former MLAs have joined the BRS party in presence of CM KCR. The BRS founder KCR welcomed them all into the party in addition to scores of other professionals like advocates from Odisha.

Speaking on the occasion, KCR said that the people of the country were suffering from lack of enough water, power, and other infrastructure. Mr KCR sought to know how much of the water in Mahanadi in Odisha state is being used for the public?

Telangana government had come up with free power, water and a host of welfare measures to the farmers and other needy sections. Why not they be implemented in other states of the country as well?
If people like veteran politician Giridhar Gamang joined hands, it is all possible, he said.

His association gave me a strength of a thousand elephants for the new party. There would be no doubt that the BRS will certainly play a key role in the formation of the Government at centre after next general elections, KCR added.

Leaders from Andhra Pradesh and now from Odisha joined the BRS. This created a curiosity among the leaders of various political parties in other states. More joining are expected in the BRS from other states now with the beginning of KCR visit to Nanded on February 5 where a public meeting is also scheduled.

As against the cynical statements by the BJP and Congress party leaders, the BRS is slowly and steadily making progress. Leaders and people of other states are posing their belief in the leadership of KCR and his ability to bring about a qualitative change in the lives of people.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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