Revenue Services in the State to Go Online Soon: Deputy CM

The State government will soon implement a new policy so that all revenue services will be available online for a fixed time every day.

State Dy CM Mohammad Mahmood Ali took part in several development programmes in and around Nizamabad town on Monday.

He addressed a press conference along with MPs, MLAs, MLCs at TRS leader K Kavitha’s residence.

The Dy CM said that top official at the revenue department are busy framing a new policy to protect State government land.

Mahmood said officials will soon finalise the draft proposal after which the State will scrutinise it to announce a decision.

The revenue department is organising training programmes to its officers and staff to increase their performance, he said. He also said the department will crackdown on land grabbers, especially those active in Rangareddy.

Speaking on the Wakf board land, Mahmood said the department is surveying the land and will put up all information on the government website. In a few years all the wings of the revenue department will be provide proper infrastructure.

The Dy CM said that they have decided to construct a building for sub-register offices and will construct 91 new buildings in total, seven of which will be completed by the end of the year.

The Deputy Chief Minister has also announced that the revenue department will issue new Pattadar pass books to all land owners very soon. The new passbooks are rumoured to be more attractive than passports. Farmers can use this pass book as an ID to avail services and aid from government departments and loans from banks.

Dy CM said that the State government will provide 12 percent reservations to Muslim minorities and that the State is working hand in hand with the Centre on this regard. He said that the political climate at the Centre was not favourable before the elections for TRS to achieve the reservation demand and the Party is now biding time for an opportune moment. “We are in good terms with Prime Minister Modi and are confident that he will sanction 12 pc reservations for Muslims in a few years,” he said.

Mahmood Ali added that Telangana government has not raised an unprecedented demand as Tamil Nadu delivers the same for its Muslim citizens. He said that government will protect the secularist spirit.

Source: The New Indian Express

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