Revanth Reddy did land settlements with Bhanu gang!

Why do some Telangana leaders in TDP and Congress oppose the Telangana movement tooth and nail? Simple. These leaders are involved in a lot of illegal deals with some Seemandhra scamsters. They fear that if Telangana is formed, all their illegal activities would be exposed.

Telangana TDP MLA Revanth Reddy is one such leader. Telangana people have time and again witnessed his hatred towards the Telangana statehood movement.

The latest revelation by state CID indicates that Revanth Reddy was involved in several high profile land settlements along with notorious gangsters Bhanu Kiran and Mangali Krishna. The news has given a rude shock to TDP, which is already struggling to come to terms with the recent poll debacle.

The CID police have filed a case against all the three people listed above in Crime Number 45/2012. These three are apparently involved in illegal occupation of a 25 acre situated at Chellampalli Village in Talakondapalli Mandal of Mahabub Nagar district. This land belonged to an NRI and CID says that Bhanu’s gang forged certain documents to claim ownership of this land. When the actual owner, who stays in Virginia came back and noticed the fraud, Revanth Reddy entered the scene and mediated a “settlement” between Bhanu’s gang and the land owner.

This is not the first time Revant was involved in land settlements. Earlier too Revant was involved in several illegal land settlements in Ranga Reddy and Mahabub Nagar districts.

One such settlemet, which is also being probed by the CID police is a piece of land measuring 16.36 acres in Manchirevula village near Gandipet. The land value is estimated at about 50 crores.

So, the next time Revanth spews venom on Telangana movement, you know the reason behind that…

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