Reality Check: Model School teachers still awaiting their salaries

Though the Congress government claimed to have disbursed salaries to all government employees on 1st, the on-ground reality reveals a stark contrast. The Model School teachers in the state are yet to receive their pay even though 12 days have elapsed in March.

In the state’s 194 model schools, a total of 5,500 regular employees, including principals, postgraduate teachers, and trainee graduate teachers, are still awaiting their salaries. Despite the government’s announcement that all regular employees would be remunerated on the 1st, this commitment remains unfulfilled. Upon inquiry, officials attribute the delay to a lack of budget, citing the finance department’s failure to release the necessary funds.

The predicament extends to 1,200 hourly-based teachers in the same schools who have not been paid for the months of January and February. This financial lapse is causing significant hardships for the Model School staff, particularly concerning the timely payment of EMIs, leading to concerns about bounced checks and potential legal repercussions for civil liabilities.