11 trips to Delhi in 3 months: CM Revanth Reddy creates record

CM Revanth Reddy is scheduled to visit Delhi once again on Wednesday, marking his 11th trip to the capital in the past three months since assuming office. The purpose of this visit aligns with the Central Election Commission (CEC) meeting of the Congress party. Political analysts are noting that this frequency of visits to Delhi within such a short timeframe is unprecedented among former Chief Ministers of the state.

During his past visits, Revanth Reddy engaged in discussions not only with the Prime Minister and Union Ministers but also with the party high command. It has become a notable pattern that even for minor decisions, Revanth is rushing to Delhi, often accompanied by a cabinet minister. Allegations from the BRS Party suggest that the Congress high command might lack trust in Revanth during his Delhi visits, prompting the consistent presence of a minister by his side.