Rains to kick-start tourism in Adilabad

By: S. Harpal Singh

The continuing rainfall in Adilabad has brought all the hill streams into spate and revived all the seasonal and major waterfalls in the district on Sunday. This is likely to kick start the tourism season in the district which is mostly confined to the scenic Kuntala and Pochera waterfalls.

Harsh summer

The failed monsoon of 2014 and the subsequent harsh summer this year had rendered these places drier than ever since last winter. This phenomenon had impacted tourism which saw fewer visitors coming to enjoy the beauty of nature.

There were hardly any visitors at the waterfalls on Sunday owing to the rainfall and those that had come did not venture to the foot of the Kuntala or Pochera falls as the flow of water was very strong. The strength of the flow will decrease a few hours after the rain stops in the catchment area located in Boath and Neredigonda mandals. The quantum of rainfall received, Boath and Neredigonda received about 7 cm and 9 cm of rainfall until 8 am respectively, will also ensure that water will flow in the falls even if there is a dry spell of a fortnight.

The Pochera waterfall in full flow after overnight rain in Adilabad district on Sunday

Good news

This is good news for the visitors, mostly youngsters from Hyderabad, Nizamabad and Karimnagar districts, who visit the spots during weekends. The revival of the season will also rejuvenate business scope for the tribal individuals and others who run eateries and other facilities. Those who operate the parking lots will also stand to gain if the inflow of visitors increases.

Source: The hindu

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