President Orders 14 F Deletion

A sustained agitation by Telangana people for over 20 months has finally succeeded in the deletion of controversial clause 14 F from Presidential Order of 1975.

While the victory is small compared to Telangana statehood, it marks a huge moral victory to Telanganites. It also marks the end of Seemandhra hegemony over Telangana.

With the deletion of 14 F, Hydeabad would no longer be considered as ‘Free Zone’ for recruitment in state Police Department.

It should be reminded here that it was the demand for deletion of Clause 14 F that led to the intensification of Telangana statehood movement in 2009 November.

Osmania University, the nerve center of Telangana movement, erupted in joy on hearing the news. Prof. Kodandaram termed this as the ‘Victory of Telangana people. He called the people of Telangana to take this victory as an inspiration and intensify the struggle for a separate state.

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