Possession Certificates Given to Slum-dwellers

The residents of Kasturba Nagar Basti in Bansilalpet division were elated on Wednesday as they finally became the legal owners of the houses they have been living in for long.

Minister of commercial taxes Talasani Srinivas Yadav issued the ‘Possession-cum- order of allotment’ certificates to the weaker sections under the housing scheme.

On Wednesday, 57 of 104 residing in different houses received the certificate while the others were given an assurance provided that they pay the 10 pc i.e. Rs 26,700 beneficiary contribution. The basti accommodates 104 single bedroom houses, each of 465 sft.

The minister advised the residents not to sell their plots which have been regularised now. “Do not get cheated by any unknown people who try to lure you into selling your property for a better deal elsewhere. You will end up with nothing. Government officials will monitor the area once in every three months to keep a check on this.”

Electricity, water and drainage lines will be laid in the area. “For that, we will have to dig the main road. Once it is completed, a concrete road will be laid,” he promised.

Hyderabad district collector K Nirmala said, “We have evicted 13 outsiders from the area and the rest have either received or will receive their certificates if they have paid beneficiary contribution,” she said. “Lottery system was not followed to allot these houses because people have been staying here for long and most of them are comfortable where they are.”

She urged the beneficiaries to maintain a clean environment. “Always keep your surroundings clean in order to be healthy,” she said.

Source: The New Indian Express

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