Poor turnout, Telangana protests mark 2nd Day

Photo: Police arresting Telangana activists

Protests by Telangana activists and poor turnout marked the 2nd day of YS Jagan’s 48 hour deeksha for farmers. While the YSR Congress party leaders could mobilise a few thousand people on 1st day, the situation turned worse on second day.

During most part of the day, there were only few hundred party cadre in the massive tent that was put up for the deeksha.

What’s more, a lot of the party cadre were also ferried in from Seemandhra and surrounding Telangana districts like Hyderabad, Adilabad, Nalgonda and Khammam.

Telangana activists belonging to the CPI ML New Democracy barged into the deeksha site a couple of times and raised “Jai Telangana” slogans. The police and Jagan’s private security attacked these Telangana activists and 2 activists were severely injured in this attack. In the afternoon, another set of women Telangana activists went up to the dias and demanded Jagan to state his stand on Telangana.

Photo: Poor turnout at Jagan Deeksha

Apparently, YS Jagan has given a severe dressing down to local leaders for failing to mobilize enough ‘farmers’ to his deeksha. He has ordered them to see to it that they bring good number of people for tomorrow’s public meeting.

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