PM Mr Modi mellowed down but let his men bark at the ruling TRS and KCR.


Perhaps having seen the spectacular show put up by the TRS party in welcoming the Opposition leader Mr Yashwanth Sinha and Mr KCR’s tirade on the national political situation and BJP ruling, Mr Modi kept quiet rather than stir up a hornet’s nest.

Mr Modi was confined to his rhetoric of what he did achieve during his eight-year rule and what he intends to do to develop Hyderabad. It was all empty promises as he did nothing in the past several years.

He did not dare to take the name of either TRS or Mr KCR during his twenty-minute-long speech. Rather, he went on playing to the gallery praising Telangana, people, and their culture.

However, his euphemistic speech was not received well by the disorderly crowds who went on shouting praising him in return as paid artists do very often.

Neither his diction nor his consistency did not go well with the crowds who appeared least bothered about what he was speaking except for batting for the BJP government in Telangana in the next general elections.

Earlier, several BJP leaders repeated their rhetoric of family rule, corruption, the end of Mr KCR government, and so on which appealed least.

Soon after several TRS leaders came out open stating that Mr Modi feared taking the name of Mr KCR and TRS in his speech who earlier was vociferous on unseating the ruling TRS and claiming BJP government in Telangana in the next general elections.

They described the BJP public meeting as a routine political meeting but indeed the BJP leaders know better their party is not growing as Mr Modi claimed to be in Telangana.

PM Mr Modi and or other leaders failed to answer what they did to Telangana’s growth and what they intend to do except talking about coming to power in the state.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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