PM Mr Modi drops another bombshell on the people of the country.

The price of cooking gas cylinders has been hiked once again for the fourth time consecutively in the fourth month.

The cylinder weighing 14.2 kg will now cost Rs 50 more. The cylinder will now cost Rs 1,105 from Rs 1,055.

In one year, the price of cooking gas cylinders went up by Rs 244.

The Central government claims to be giving a subsidy on gas cylinders that is a mere Rs 40.79 only which is far enough.

Already people who were burdened by the ever-increasing prices of diesel and petrol that had a spiraling effect on all essential goods such as vegetables, milk, and other condominiums are now further forced to bear another shock from PM Mr Modi.

The subsidy on gas cylinders was cancelled for many families across the country. Even the BJP begged those who could afford to voluntarily stop availing subsidies. It only indicates how delicate and pathetic the country’s economy is under the BJP-led NDA government.

The prices of all products and services including roadside eateries increased phenomenally due to increased gas, petrol, and diesel. And they are never to be rolled back. The situation of working classes and middle-class families is facing untold misery due to the anti-people policies of the BJP government in the country.

Meanwhile, the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) lashed out at the BJP government and accused it of the price rise aimed at filling its coffers spent on buying MLA in Maharahstra. “Is there any connection between the two? they wondered.

Despite hue and cry by the people and opposition parties, the BJP government remains unrelenting and shamelessly justifying that the fuel prices are not in their hands but dependent on international trade. It only indicates the welfare aspect of the BJP government.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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