PM Modi should apologize to people, minister Mr KTR demands.


In an open letter to the Prime Minister over rising fuel prices, Mr KTR sought a detailed explanation from him.
He said fuel prices have increased 13 times in the last fortnight. The reasons or justification being given by BJP ministers are all false. The Russia Ukraine war has nothing to do with the fuel price hike in India as crude oil is imported from gulf countries and Nigeria.
Mr Modi cried foul when fuel prices increased when he was chief minister of Gujarat and made it as his election he is silent as people are being treated cruelly by his government. The loss of jobs due to Corona, rising unemployment, declined incomes of people speak volumes about the plight of people.
Modi seems to be like Nero playing fiddle while Rome is burning.
The tax being collected is being distributed to states, is a false propaganda by BJP. In fact not even one percent is given to states.
Prime Minister Mr Modi has a moral responsibility to tell people about the current state of affairs in the country. The unabated hike in fuel price gave a death blow to crores of families. It resulted in an increase of prices of all essential commodities.
The BJP Whatsapp university batch should stop spreading lies and stop justifying every act when people are experiencing harsh treatment from the government.
The BJP that made tall claims but proved to be a cruel government to people of the country. Now people are at their mercy even for smaller comforts that is most unfortunate, Mr KTR observed.
The BJP government looted a minimum  of one lakh rupees from 26 crore families in the country.
People are waiting for the right opportunity to teach a lesson to BJP and its lofty ideals.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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