TRS party announces protest schedule demanding paddy procurement by the centre.

Following the instructions from chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, the TRS party has released a schedule of its protests all over Telangana and also in New Delhi.

Despite repeated requests, the Union government refused to procure paddy and indeed insulted the leaders and the farmers of Telangana. Enraged at the Centre’s attitude, they plan to organise a series of protests all over.

TRS party working president Mr KTR announced the schedule and accordingly, on April 4, the party cadre will organise at Mandal level, on April 6, they organise national highways – Nagpur, Mumbai, Bangalore and Vijayawada stalling the vehicular traffic to highlight their plight.

On April 7, the TRS party workers will undertake hunger strikes at the District level.

On April 8, it was decided to hoist black flags on residents of all farmers besides organising protest meetings. They will also organise bike rallies at municipalities in the state.

Finally, on April 11, the ruling TRS party proposes to organise a massive protest meeting at New Delhi.

It may be noted that the chief minister Mr K Chandrasekhar Rao deputed a delegation of ministers, MPs and other leaders to hold talks on paddy procurement from Telangana state to Union agricultural minister Mr Piyush Goyal who instead of assuring insulting them.  He rebuked them and enraged them with his harsh talk.

However, the ruling TRS party is hell-bent on its demand for paddy procurement from Telangana farmers once again.

The attitude of BJP government is discriminatory and somehow it has been bullying the Telangana leaders and their just demands. But the same is the not case with other states where it has been procuring paddy in states like Punjab and Haryana clearly showing its discrimination against just Telangana state.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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