People in Maharashtra and Karnataka want Mr KCR to be Prime Minister.



Attracted by the welfare schemes launched by the TRS government, several people on the borders of Maharashtra and Karnataka are demanding forever of their villages into Telangana. They now desire that Mr KCR become Prime Minister of India.
In recent times several instances of such demand are witnessed in Gadchiroli and Sironcha districts of Maharashtra state and Gulbarga, Yadagiri, and other districts of Karnataka state. Not just the people but elected representatives of Karnataka too made a similar demand as people of Telangana were happy with schemes launched by chief minister Mr KCR in Telangana. This is not the first time such scenes are witnessed in the border districts of Telangana. Chief Minister Mr KCR too mentioned such incidents how some people approached him urging merger of their villages into Telangana state.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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