Forest cover increased in Telangana with visionary plans of CM KCR, minister Mr KTR.

The forest cover in Telangana has increased to 31 percent from 24 percent due to proactive steps taken by the government, said IT Minister Mr KTR. Addressing a workshop organized by the forest department with forest Minister Mr Indrakaran Reddy, he said the Haritha Haram programme launched by CM KCR has yielded great results and put the state on top in achieving the most green cover in the country.
He said drones were used to drop seed balls and a massive plantation programme was undertaken over the last seven years which bore fruits now. He wanted the central government to fund such programmes and help states improve forest coverage in the country.
It may be noted that the Telangana government launched Haritha Haram programme to increase green cover and on several occasions chief minister Mr KCR has announced in public that monkeys which were invading residential areas should go back to forest. The programme has been implemented on a massive scale with full public involvement since then.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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