Parkal by-poll: Plea to parties to field common candidate

Keeping the wishes of all Telangana people, political parties fighting for the cause of separate statehood should field a common candidate for June 12 Parkal by-poll, said senior journalist Mallepalli Laxmaiah. He said the main focus of the people is on Parkal developments and it is time T parties resolve their differences and fight the election together.

He was addressing the media at Press Club at Siddipet in the district on Sunday.

He said that time has come to expose hollowness of the assurances given by both Congress and Telugu Desam on the issue of separate Telangana.

He said that both these parties were maintaining ambiguous stand on the issue and were confusing the electorate. Laxmaiah urged the parties supporting the cause of T to be united and fight the election supporting a common candidate.

He cautioned both TRS and BJP not to field separate candidates, which would only divide votes and benefit Congress, Telugu Desam and YSR Congress parties.

He appealed to both BJP and TRS to consult each other and with T JAC on the candidate for Parkal by-election. He also asked the Student JAC not to enter the poll fray as the media reports suggest that Kakatiya University JAC and Telangana Students JAC were planning to field their own student candidates to fight the Parkal by-poll.

He said this would further divide the votes this giving an undue advantage to parties like YSRCP, Congress and TDP. [The HANS India]

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